# Update

Finally i m updating my blog since the last post. :))))))
It's been more than a month i didn't upload nth on this blog. Things happening too fast, i can't really remember or record them all. :P

1st// Grad show is over, everything about schooling is done. Do miss my friends in school, you guts are adorable.

2nd// Now, woking in HKTDC as production coordinator, great in come, just a little bit too far from home.

3rd// I've been swimming for 2 weeks, been to a real trainning for 1 week, then i gave up. LOL. what they are looking for is to swim as fast as posible. But swimming suppose to be relaxing and fun, not about fast, (for me). Thats why i gave up, totally personal!!! LOL.

4th// Now, instead of swimming, running for an hour every night is my exercise. Tired but real fun. heeheehe.

Do appreciate everything happening in my life, YAY!! :)))))))))