# FewMovies

# 心臟

將心臟劃下幾刀, 掀開, 騰出最大空間, 放你進去 ; 縫, 每針刺痛, 卻樂在其中。
感受著你心跳與我心跳; 相連 ; 感受最近的距離 ;

後來你掙扎了, 想走了 ; 我不放。
你就在我心臟劃下你的憎恨 ; 傷痕似乎深得痊癒不了。

數一下 ; 這些年 ; 心臟裡是多少人的淚或恨。多少人連屍骨也無存了?
放心吧。就算我現在不放你 ; 有一天你在我心的房間亦會被人取代。

幾個人矛盾的存活在我心臟裡 ; 撕殺吧 ; 我心是你的。



click it to see what SSP is all about in my point of view.
i know there are lots of grammar n typing mistake ;)) but yeah, i dun really care, just finished it then.. two more homework to go ;))


# McDonalds

havent had Mcdonalds for a long time, n i bought one last week, after tasted few fries, i did really say "YUCK!!", so wanna throw up, its full of fat.. yuck.. :(((

seriously, no more mcdonalds in weeks again.. :((


# Admit who u r

People should know what they can do, n admit it if they suck!

let say it this way ::

if u r stupid, just admit it, and .. ask for help when problems show up.
its nth wrong to be stupid, no one is really that smart to be someone who can do everything by himself. :P
n, being stupid is a good thing in some ways, u can take less responsibility, hell yeah! just tell people u don't know how to do this or that, then people will help u, and if its screw up, just throw the one who help u out of the bus!!! :D

love u all, stupid bitches ;)))!