# Missing.

i miss the way u smile,
n how i look into ur eyes, the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen in the world.

Seriously, had a very bad week, everything sucks, really fucked up, being so emo, lol.
but hey, there's one thing i m totally good at, which is suck it up :P so now, i think i m doing very okay, n thanks for all the SMS from u.

u always being so nice, well maybe not all the time, but still, u r a very good person, n a very important one in my present life :)))

n well, hving someone to support myself is really important for me in life, it really sucks when there's no one being supportive around you, so, i know i m lucky, always lucky :)))
i miss u deeply :)))
just never wanna tell u, as i guess u already knew, u know me very well :D u always do.

n somehow,
i guess i need a lover, not a life-time partner, without any responsibility, theres more freedom for us to expore our life :P
or, i m just too scared to shoulder anything :P:P:P:PPPP

what a evil kid i m :D

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