# Biscuit/ Cookies/

Yes, it's a pack of biscuit. ;))
And so far it's the second best biscuit i've tried.
Go get some next time u go to the supermarket :PPP

純粹就餅乾泥講, 尼隻應該係我試過第二好味既,
最好味個隻暫時搵唔番, 哈哈哈哈

Here's the cookies i've bought since my sem break begins. It's not that much actually, just soso, but the taste is really amazing :D!!!
PK is now selling it $58@2, totally awesome! :D

尼鼠有八罐曲奇餅 :D
其中七罐係一模一樣味道既, 哈哈哈哈, 事源係因為真係太好味 :)))
百佳有類, 之前$100@4 / 之後$58@2/ 仲係好抵食, 正抖抖。

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