# Se7en; All About Eve

Se7ev, starring BradPitt n MorganFreeman.

早兩晚同個靚女MSN ; 被推介睇尼套se7e, 圍繞住七宗罪發展既追捕故事。
love the topic, love the mood, love the ways people die. :))
but the story goes on too slow n so totally can predict the ending :P
好當然地, 以前泥講已經算係好唔錯, 始終唔可以拎而家既懸疑/推理電影泥比, 更莫論係宗教電影喇 ;))

ending前係車上面既個堆對話真係好開心睇到, 個幕先係成套戲既精髓所在, 前面既查案 追捕 死屍..so not the point!!! :))

通常睇完一套戲, 都會上網睇下d人講d咩, 睇下影評,

:: 位黑人先係幕後搞手, 之前一堆理論唔詳講,

但真係好誇張 :D 而佢既分析亦都好九唔搭八, 但尼類人類總係好吸引, 好想開佢個腦袋出泥玩下, 嘻。

Link :: 01.

All about eve, starring AnneBaxter n BetteDavis.

by a friend, its a 1950' movie i guess, really old movie, and yeah! Marilym Monroe is on the movie as well, so damn sexy, eieieiii.

以前既戲其實真係好精彩, 故事係極度簡單絕唔花巧但好吸引人, 仲驚嘆係, 通常1個scene係1take過, 唔似得而家既電影不停轉鏡頭, 反而睇得舒服左順眼左。

classic movie, must watch! :D

Link :: 01.02.

Oh yeah!! two more movies i wanna see so so so so badly!!!
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, n Mommie Dearest
but i cant find it on the net, and cant even find the chinese names of those movies, :((( well, i should keep looking now, ttyl!

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